New Research Article in Physics of Fluids

Researchers Martins Klevs , Mihails Birjukovs , Peteris Zvejnieks and Andris  Jakovics from the Institute of Numerical Modelling have recently got a new research article published. The article titled Dynamic mode decomposition of magnetohydrodynamic bubble chain flow in a rectangular vessel was published on 12 August 2021 in the Physics of Fluids journal (Q1).

Bubble flow in liquid metal is of interest in many applications, such as liquid metal stirring, purification, continuous casting, chemical reactors, etc., and these processes can be (and some already are) controlled using an applied magnetic field. While single bubble magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow is extensively studied, many aspects of bubble collective dynamics, especially in the presence of a magnetic field, are not properly understood or have not been studied at all. And this is exactly what the researchers at the Institute of Numerical Modelling address – they perform numerical simulations for a system where chains of bubbles ascend through a rectangular liquid metal vessel and investigate the flow patterns in the vessel and bubble references frames. In this article, they also demonstrate the first application of dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) to bubble flow with resolved dynamic liquid/gas boundaries.

The results of this proof-of-concept study indicate that DMD can yield unique insights into various momentum transfer and bubble interaction mechanisms. And that dynamic mode analysis can be used to explain the observed flow patterns. In addition, the researchers showcase their own implementation of DMD that combines resilience to data noise, memory efficiency and special pre-processing for input data.

The full article can be found here.