Electromagnetic processing of materials 2021

The 10th international conference and summer school on Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (EPM) took place online from the 9th to the 16th of June. Andris Jakovics, head of the laboratory of multiphysical processes at the Institute of Numerical Modelling, together with researchers from France, Israel, China, Russia, Japan, Germany, UK, USA, Ukraine, and Italy served as chairmen of the international scientific advisory board. Several researchers from the Institute of Numerical Modelling such as A. Sabanskis, V. Dzelme, M. Birjukovs, K. Surovovs, P. Zvejnieks, M. Klevs, A. Jegorovs, G. Zāģeris etc. took part in the summer school or the international conference on electromagnetic processing of materials.

Electromagnetic Processing of Materials includes all branches of materials science where some benefit could be attained from an electromagnetic influence on the process. This covers traditional areas such as liquid metal processing, metal casting and solidification, induction heating, but also crystal growth from the melt, plasma processes, recycling, separation. The series of EPM conferences was initiated in 1994 by S. Asai (Japan) and M. Garnier (France). It takes place every three years alternating between Europe and Asia (Nagoya, Japan 1994, Paris, France 1997, Nagoya, Japan 2000, Lyon, France 2003, Sendai, Japan 2006, Dresden, Germany 2009, Beijing, Chine 2012, Cannes, France 2015, Hyogo, Japan 2018). The conference is intended for subjects on materials processing that involves electric or magnetic fields; It brings together people from academic institutions, industry and related equipment manufacturers. More than 60 abstracts and 8 posters were submitted and published in the Electromagnetic Processing of Materials 2021 conference proceedings or presented at the poster session.

Electromagnetic Processing of Materials 2021 topics

  1. Fundamentals of EPM, MHD, theory & modelling
  2. Induction heating, plasma processing & related heat treatment
  3. Electromagnetic melting and heating
  4. EM shaping or forming, mixing, magnetic or EM levitation
  5. Liquid metal processing: steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, magnesium, alloys
  6. Solidification, crystal growth under external fields
  7. Advanced materials processing in static or alternating magnetic fields
  8. Other processes under external fields, electrochemistry, magnetic, electric, electrostatic,
  9. Measuring techniques in liquid metal flows and nondestructive control/wireless energy
    transfer (by induction)
  10. Equipment for EPM, EM pumps, EM brakes, EM stirrers, power sources
  11. Low electrical conductivity liquid processing, oxides, glasses, electrolytes
  12. Recycling by EM processes
  13. MHD for light metal metallurgy

More information on the 10th international conference on Electromagnetic Processing of Materials (EPM), as well as the conference proceedings, can be found on the conference website.