Invitation to an exhibition opening to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of ENVMK

We invite you to an exhibition opening on the 7th of October at 15:00 at the House of Sciences (2nd floor) to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Department of Electrodynamics and Continuum Mechanics (ENVMK)

Department of Electrodynamics and Continuum Mechanics (in Latvian Elektrodinamikas un Nepārtrauktas Vides Mehānikas Katedra or ENVMK) was established in 1970 to fulfil prof. Juris Miķelsons’ vision of mathematical modelling as a solution to future engineering and technology problems. The aim of ENVMK was to prepare experts in engineering physics with numerical modelling skills for the Institute of Physics and Polymer Mechanics’ Institute in Latvian Academy of Sciences. The ENVMK has prepared more than 350 experts that work in science and in the industry in Latvia and abroad.

An important role in the development of ENVMK in the first decades was played by prof. Vitauts Tamužs, prof. Teodors Cīruls and prof. Edvīns Šilteris. At the end of the 1970s, ENVMK was already preparing and successfully implementing high-quality specialisation training plans. ENVMK alumni work in Latvia and abroad – Andrejs Cēbers (Latvia), Andrejs Krasņikovs (Latvia), Aleksandrs Bogdanovičs (USA), Juris Dzenis (USA), Jānis Vārna (Sweden), Roberts Joffe (Sweden), Jānis Priede (UK) and Valdis Bojarēvičs (UK). Several alumni such as Arnis Riekstiņš, Ainārs Brūvelis, Agris Irbītis have started and are successfully continuing entrepreneurship.

In its 50 years of existence after prof. Juris Miķelsons, the ENVMK was led by prof. Gunārs Sermons, then prof. Leonīds Buligins and finally by prof. Andris Jakovičs. Starting in the year 2020 it is led by doc. Tija Sīle. Leonīds Buligins is currently the director of The Institue of Physics and Andris Jakovičs – the leader of Multiphysical Process Laboratory at the Institute of Numerical Modelling.

In 1994 the Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling of Environmental and Technological Process was established as the ENVMK adapted to the change of physics programme in the University of Latvia. Until 2014 it was lead by prof. Andris Jakovičs. At the beginning of the year 2020, it was renamed as the Institute of Numerical Modelling and is led by Dr Uldis Bethers.

The recent ENVMK alumni are successfully working in the European industry – Guntars Ratnieks (Siltronic AG), Andrejs Umbraško (ABP), Maksims Kirpo (Wilo), Sergejs Spitāns (ALD Technologies), Kaspars Lācis (Groglass) and Mihails Ščepanskis (Cenos).

Today looking back at the last 50 years in ENVMK we can see that the initial vision has turned out to be true – the use of numerical modelling methods in such interrelated disciplines as electromagnetics, hydrodynamics, thermal and solid-state mechanics has become a powerful and indispensable tool with high added value in product development and research.

One will be able to learn more about the history of ENVMK from the exhibition at the House of Sciences (Jelgavas iela 3, Riga). The exhibition opening is on the 7th of October at 15.00. The guests will be addressed by the ENVMK founder prof. Juris Miķelsons and by one of the first ENVMK alumni – prof. Anderjs Cēbers.