New publication in the journal “Energy”

With the participation of our Institute’s leading researcher, Stanislavs Gendelis, a scientific article “Impact of global warming and building renovation on the heat demand and district heating capacity: Case of the city of Riga” has been published in the journal “Energy”  (Q1, Impact Factor = 8.9; CiteScore=13.4).

This article presents a methodology to assess the effects of global warming on building heat demand and the resulting changes in the installed capacity of district heating (DH) systems with and without renovation of existing multi-apartment buildings by transitioning from the 3rd generation DH system towards the sustainable 4th generation DH system in the long-term perspective (by 2050) in the city of Riga. The methodology couples the system dynamics approach with the building heat balance model, thus enabling an analysis of heating degree days, heat load curves, and parametric changes in the DH system due to climate change.