Over 20 years of experience in development and application of atmospheric and oceanographic models. Operational modelling for Latvian territorial waters and inland waters (major lakes) is performed. An atmospheric model for Latvian mainland and its coastal zone has been created. Extensive experience in modelling of ports and other economic activities, as well as formulating analysis-based recommendations. We are also capable of modelling drifting objects for behavioural assessment.


Weather and climate studies are conducted using mathematical modelling and numerical weather models such as the WRF (Weather Research and Forecast) model. The oceanographic model is based on the HBM ocean model developed by the Danish Meteorological Institute. For port use, a model for debris transfer has been developed, as well as a behavioural model of drifting objects that is coupled to the oceanographic model.


  • Cross-border cooperation project GORWIND (Latvia and Estonia): assessing the potential of wind power for electricity generation on coastline of the Gulf of Riga.
  • MERCATOR project Present the Present: Development of a free-access website for daily sea weather forecasts, supplemented with a drift calculation model, readily available for predicting the transport of objects in the Baltic Sea.