Image processing is required for many technological applications, but it is especially important in the field of science. Optical or electron microscopy, x-ray or neutron imaging, measurements of systems dynamics with frame sequences acquired by cameras – all these methods require image noise removal, filtering, segmentation analysis, object tracking and measurements. Sometimes image restoration is required, especially for damaged or blurred images.


We offer our services in the field of scientific image processing and image restoration, including processing of data derived from images. We use either existing tools or develop a framework specific for a certain application.

For image processing, we use a proprietary package Wolfram Mathematica and open-source tools such as ImageJ and OpenCV. For data processing, we use Wolfram Mathematica, Python as well as our own code.


  • Cooperation agreement with SIA Vizulo (Latvia): Development of ray tracing models for industrial luminaires and optimization of spatial illumination patterns.
  • ERDF project: Development of numerical modelling approaches to study complex multiphysical interactions in electromagnetic liquid metal technologies.


Andris Jakovičs, Dr. Phys. –; +371 29 155 711; SCOPUS