In order to solve the relevant problems posed by our partners, considerable computational resources and data storage capacity are often necessary. Big data processing, simulations of hydrodynamic and electromagnetic processes, optimization of various systems – all of our provided services entail the use of  high-performance computing (HPC).

Development of HPC solutions requires not only the use of accumulated knowledge for analysis of physical processes, but also the development of specialized software and adaptation of mathematical methods for compatibility with HPC hardware. Offered HPC solutions often rely on specialized, robust architecture and data transfer solutions, in cases when continuous data processing or real-time computations are necessary (e. g. operational climate forecasting).


We offer a full HPC solution pipeline: based on the problem defined by the client / cooperation partner, an adequate software solution – either existing or custom development – is found and adapted for HPC. Tools for data visualization, data input/output, and simulation management are provided.

We use both open-source and commercial packages, as well as our own code: OpenFOAM, Elmer, COMSOL, ANSYS, R Statistics, Python etc. A dedicated 280 CPU-core HPC cluster is at our disposal. To expand upon our spectrum of HPC solutions, we are working with the Riga Technical University (RTU) HPC center and offer the adoption of various HPC problems for cloud computing platforms.


  • Flow calculations for industrial research contracts, featuring calculation grid with more than 15 million cells.
  • Multiphysical magneto-hydro-dynamic (MHD) simulations with coupled electro-magnetic, temperature and flow velocity fields.
  • Implementation of operational Baltic Sea wave forecast for the for the National Armed Forces of Latvia.