Analysis and visualization of various combustion and chemical reaction processes. Previous studies have been carried out at biomass gasification plants, for hydrochloric acid recovery furnaces, etc., remedying equipment deficiencies, minimizing precipitation formation and improving technical parameters.


Analysis and numerical modelling of gas flow, temperature and concentration fields, as well as solid particle motion (e.g. coal, ash) using commercial (ANSYS Fluent) and open-source (OpenFOAM). Modelling results allow one to obtain system parameters such as efficiency, carbon conversion rate, power and fuel consumption.


  • Cooperation agreement with SIA EnertecGreen: During the project, the cause of precipitation in the gasification plant was investigated and identified, thus ensuring the continued operation of the equipment.
  • Cooperation agreement with Evectra Limited (UK): During the project, technical solutions for improving the equipment efficiency were studied via mathematical modelling.


Vadims Geža, Dr.Phys.
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