We possess many years of experience in the field of groundwater filtration process modelling and visualization for various geological structures. We can assess the impact of various hydro-structures (dams, levees, dikes) on the underground water cycle and the availability of water resources. We have developed a 3D hydrogeological model of the Baltic Artesian Basin, which provides an additional opportunity for large scale water circulation assessments.


We have developed the HiFiGeo software and an array of scripts for automated hydrogeological modelling based on geological data. We create complex 3D geological structures from heterogeneous data sources and have extensive expertise in hydrogeological processes in the Baltic Artesian Basin.


  • ESF PUMA: Development of a hydrogeological model for the Baltic Artesian Basin (including Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and partially Poland and Russia), which allows to assess water flows in the area, up to the bedrock.
  • Long-term cooperation with SIA Latvenergo: Hydro-electric dam cascade filtration process evaluation.