Many years of experience in the field of meteorological observation processing and climate data analysis using regional and global climate models. We have developed methods for projecting global climate change predictions to local scale (e.g. Latvia or the city of Riga). We offer data-based weather forecast (road condition predictions, phenology etc.) as well as climate change analysis.


Processing of data, temperature, precipitation, wind speed and other meteorological observation data series using statistical methods. Downscaling techniques for adapting climate forecasts to specific regions. Large database with regional climate models has been accumulated and various scripts for fast and efficient processing of climate data have been developed.


  • National research program KALME: Identification of key weather parameters (precipitation, temperature, wind, etc.) for future climate projections of Latvia.
  • ERDF PROMESYS: Development of data-analysis solutions for the evaluation of climate change impact, e.g. ripening of different plants, road conditions, health risks (migraines), etc.
  • Assessment of the public safety risks caused by climate change: An analysis of the impact of the key risks such as floods, fires, storms has been performed.