Experience in testing thermophysical properties of building materials and constructions since 1997 by using both standardized and specialized methods and equipment. We offer measurements of the following material properties: thermal conductivity and its dependence on temperature, specific heat capacity, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal effusivity (or thermal reaction), water vapor permeability, porosity and pore size distribution, surface emission coefficient.

We offer measurements of building heat transmittance for windows and doors (with standard dimensions), as well as determination of reflection and radiation permeability for transparent and partially transparent materials within a wide spectral range.


Thermal conductivity and its dependence on temperature are determined with the guarded hot plate method or the calibrated hot plate method. C-Therm TCi equipment measures the specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and effusivity of materials. Porosity is determined using a mercury porosimeter.

Spectrophotometers are used to determine surface emission factors depending on radiation wavelength. The linear thermal expansion coefficient is determined by measuring the extension of the heated sample using sensitive springs.

Water vapor permeability and equivalent air layer thickness are determined by placing the sample in a chamber between a moisture absorbent and an atmosphere with constant humidity and temperature and measuring the amount of water diffused through the sample over a given time interval.


  • ERDF project: Development, optimisation and sustainability research of smart solutions for near-zero energy buildings in real climate conditions.
  • INPATH-TES: Development of lecture courses on building physics and thermal energy storage materials.
  • ESF project: Development of sustainable and systemic solutions suitable for Latvian climate conditions and providing qualitative living environment in nearly zero energy buildings.
  • ERDF project: Development of composite building structures solutions in accordance with EU requirements in the field of energy efficiency and thermal comfort with using of multiphysical modelling method.


Andris Jakovičs, Dr.Phys.
+371 29 155 711