Computer assisted systems optimization is the modern-day standard for industrial R&D, reducing product time-to-market and development expense. Optimization processes can be constructed on top of virtually any physical simulation framework, provided one specifies a set of valid objectives and constraints.

The service we provide is: for a given physical system (involving electromagnetic phenomena, heat transfer, fluid flow, solid mechanics, ray optics, particles driven by forces within the system), we can set up the mathematical model, define objectives and constraints based on the objectives of the client, and implement suitable algorithms to produce the required results.


We use commercial simulation packages (COMSOL) as well as our own specialized code to translate customers’ goals into a mathematical model and perform physical simulations and optimize the given systems.

We offer parametric, shape, and topological optimization, covering both geometry variations and simple parameters. Finite element method (FEM) is used for systems modelling, while for optimization we employ gradient-free algorithms, such as Nelder-Mead, COBYLA, BOBYQA, MMA, SNOPT.


  • Cooperation agreement with SIA Vizulo (Latvia): development of ray tracing models for industrial luminaires and optimization of spatial illumination patterns.
  • Shape optimization for plastic containers for liquid foodstuff transportation and storage.


Andris Jakovičs, Dr.Phys.
+371 29 155 711