Resolving Gas Bubbles

Research Article on Resolving Gas Bubbles in Liquid Metal

Researchers from the Institute of Numerical Modelling have published a new article titled Resolving Gas Bubbles Ascending in Liquid Metal from Low-SNR Neutron Radiography Images. The article was published in a special issue Movements in Electromagnetically Agitated Liquid Metal of the Applied Sciences journal. It was authored by Mihails Birjukovs, Pavel Trtik, Anders Kaestner, Jan Hovind, Martins Klevs, Dariusz Jakub Gawryluk, Knud Thomsen and Andris Jakovics. The paper was published on 18 October 2021.

A new image processing methodology for resolving gas bubbles travelling through liquid metal has been demonstrated in the paper. Images are acquired from high frame-rate neutron radiography with an intrinsically low signal-to-noise ratio.  Image pre-processing, denoising and bubble segmentation are described in detail, with practical recommendations. Experimental validation is also presented in the article. The performance of the new methodology is compared to previously achieved results.

The showcased image processing solution has been made open-source. The presented solution, as well as separate elements thereof, are readily customisable and extendable beyond the present application.

The full article is available for free and can be accessed here.