Successful participation at the exhibition House I

The employees of the Institute of Numerical Modelling have successfully participated in one of the largest building industry exhibitions House I. It began on the 12th of March and was expected to last for 3 days. Due to the state of emergency in Latvia, it was postponed and continued on June 13 and 14.

At the exhibition visitors had a chance to find out more about:

  • forecasting the durability of different construction materials depending on humidity and temperature, and calculating the potential risks such as mould growth and others,
  • what wireless sensor monitoring systems are and how to use them efficiently,
  • how much electrical energy can actually be produced by solar panels in the Latvian climate,
  • how to use HeatMod – a cloud-based platform for energy efficiency calculations that uses the latest Latvian normative acts.

The exhibition had more than 30 000 visitors, more than 400 participants from at least 10 different countries. The visitors took great interest in the data on solar panels and wireless sensor monitoring systems.